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Welcome to Chichester College

Chichester College has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally. Over 2,500 international and European students choose to study in the UK at Chichester College each year.


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Wide Range of Courses


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International GCSE

This intensive one-year programme is specifically designed for students who have graduated from Form 3 or Form 4 and require further academic study in order to progress onto an A Level or Vocational programme at Chichester College.


Entry Requirments: Minimum 16 years and completed Form 3 and IELTS 4.5.


This intensive two year programme is designed for students who have completed Form 4 or Form 5 and who intend to progress to a UK university to study a degree programme.


Entry Requirments: Form 5 with good scores in subjects
related to A Level subjects chosen.  Form 4 if outstanding
scores in subjects. Plus interview. IELTS 5.5.

Vocational Study

This programme will allow you to study within areas that will equip you with the skills for your dream career. Courses are ideal for international students with a definite career in mind. Students will also benefit from additional English support.


Entry Requirments:
Vocational Diploma Level 3: Form 5 with good scores. Form 4 if outstanding scores. Interview or portfolio for some subjects. IELTS 5.0.

Vocational Diploma Level 2: Form 4 with good scores.
Interview or portfolio for some subjects. IELTS 4.5.

International Business Foundation Year

The International Business Foundation Year begins in September and includes 15-20 hrs taught lessons and 10 hours of self study per week. This course is offered in collaboration with the University of Chichester with guaranteed progression for successful students onto a range of BA (Hons) degrees. Students can apply for and do progress to other universities.


Entry Requirments: Form 4 completed. IELTS 5.0.

University of Bath International Foundation Year

The University of Bath Foundation Year begins in September and has two 15 week semesters. The programme includes: Two Academic Subjects, English for Academic Purposes, Higher Education Skills.


Entry Requirments: Form 6, grade 4 in HKDSE. IELTS
5.5 – 6.0. plus interview.

No UKVI IELTS test for Under 18s

Chichester College can offer a CAS for both Tier 4 Child and Tier 4 General visas. A Tier 4 Child visa does not require an IELTS certificate so if your student is under 18 at the time of application for their visa this could be the best route.

Once you have submitted the course application to the college we are also happy to help and guide you with any immigration questions you may have.


Contact our International Compliance Officer Linda Moore on: [email protected]

Biometric Residence Permit

All International students from 31st July 2015, on courses of longer than six months will be required to collect a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card within 10 days of arrival in the UK. As of 6th June Chichester College was designated as an Alternative Location for BRP collection. *Please make sure that your students enter the ACL code – 2FE232 – to request that their BRP card is delivered direct to the college. This is done as part of the on-line visa application and should be added to the “Biometric Residence Permit Collection” page of the visa application. Please make sure that your students bring with them to the UK, their Decision Letter as they will need this, along with their passport to gain entry to the UK on arrival. This letter will also contain the information we will need to assist your students in collecting their BRP card.