Duolingo English Test (DET)

What is Duolingo English Test (DET)?

The Duolingo English Test is an English proficiency test and it is now accepted by employers and institutes around the world. It is recognized by thousands of Universities and it is widely accepted for admission to these Universities in over 50 countries. This Duolingo English Test is an adaptive online computer test and can be taken at anytime from anywhere in the world. You can complete the test in under an hour and receive the results in 2 days from Duolingo.

Duolingo English Test 是一項英語水平的測試,現已被世界各地的雇主和教育機構廣泛認同。 它廣被數千所大學所認可,更獲 50 多個國家廣泛接受。 這個 Duolingo 英語測試是一種自我調整的線上電腦測試,可於世界任何地方,隨時隨地進行。 您可以在一小時內完成測試,並在 2 天內從 Duolingo 收到結果。


Duolingo Content 考試內容
1. Literacy                  閱讀和寫作能力
2. Comprehension   聽力和閱讀能力
3. Conversation        聽力和口語能力
4. Production            寫作和口語能力


Duolingo Features 特色
·   Take the test online anytime, anywhere       隨時隨地在線參加測試
·   Finish in 1 hour and get results in 2 days     1 小時完成測試,2 天內便可收到結果
·   Accepted by over 3000 institutions               被全球 3000 多家機構認可


Duolingo vs. IELTS 成績對照表


Duolingo Exam Fee考試費用
49 USD美金 (392 HKD 港幣)


Duolingo Preparation Course 考試預備課程

Rise Smart x TopUp Learning 全港獨家優惠實時網上一對一學習課程 

Learn about the practicalities of the Duolingo test and the test requirements
了解 Duolingo 測試的實用性和測試要求

Learn about the test structure

Learn about the 10 different question types and how to answer them effectively
了解 10 種不同的問題類型以及如何有效地回答

Learn test-taking strategies for each question type

Improve your literacy, conversation, comprehension and production skills

Simulate parts of the test

Improve your General English skills

Learn about the Duolingo test and each question type contained in it
了解 Duolingo 測試和其中包含的每個問題類型

Practice the skills needed to achieve a high score in the test


Course Fee 課程費用



How to Purchase 如何購買課程?

如有興趣了解及報讀此課程,歡迎致電2980 2306查詢。