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擬取得律師資格的人士,必須於香港大學、香港城市大學、香港中文大學或其他認可之普通法適用地區之院校取得法學士學位(LLB)(如所持之學位並非法律學,可再通過Common Professional Examination of England and Wales (CPE) 之考試),並取得法學專業證書 / 法律學深造證書(PCLL)。在取得所需學歷後,仍要再完成兩年的實習律師(Trainee Solicitor)實習期,表現良好,才可獲認許在香港以律師身分執業。




香港憲法 香港土地法 香港法律制度



英國 - University of Nottingham

Law LLB (3 years full time)

This course meets the demand from highly qualified students who wish to study law as an academic discipline, irrespective of whether they wish to pursue a career in legal practice.

You may apply at the beginning of year two to be transferred to one of the school's four-year degree courses, which incorporate a year abroad studying the law of that country. The school has partner law schools in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.

This is highly competitive and transfer should not be assumed. For those intending to follow a legal career, the grounding in different legal systems will prove very attractive to prospective employers and, in particular, the leading international firms of solicitors.




澳洲 - University of Sydney 

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (3 years full time)

All combined law programs will develop your critical thinking skills, capacity for deep, evidence based analysis and problem solving, and give you a thorough grounding in professional ethics.

In the first three years (or four years for engineering) you’ll enrol with our partner faculties and then transfer to the Law School at the completion of your other degree to finish the last 2 years of your law studies.

In addition to law core units of study, you’ll have access to a broad range of electives from areas such as contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, corporate law, health law, environmental law, media law and international law. You’ll also have the option studying master’s units of study which may then be credited toward a Master of Laws (LLM) degree at Sydney Law School in the future.