建築學 Architecture




英國皇家建築師Royal Institute of British Architecture(RIBA)資格認證共分為三個部分:

第一部分就是經過三年制建築學本科畢業,被RIBA授權的Architecture學位可以免考資格證書,畢業後自動拿到RIBA Part1的資格認證,第二部分是拿到一個建築學本科的學士學位之外,學生要升讀2年制建築學碩士,之後經過一年的實習,可以拿到RIBA Part2的資格認證,大概需時兩年到三年左右。第三部分是取得Part2後,工作1-2年才能通過RIBA Part3的資格認證,這就相當於註冊建築師。



學校介紹 :

英國 - Newcastle University 

BA Honours degree in Architecture (3 years full time)

You will work with and learn from leading professionals, who will teach you how to think, not what to think.

You are introduced to the design process through a series of study visits and design projects, gradually developing your architectural thinking, skills and knowledge.

These projects increase in scale and complexity during the degree, giving you the opportunity to showcase your growing skills.

During the degree, you will:

  • work on design projects that involve a lot of manual and computer-aided drawing and model-making in our well-equipped design studio
  • undertake library-based research and hands-on construction
  • study topics that explore the cultural, historical and technological context of architectural design
  • be inspired by leading practitioners, who deliver our 'Conversations with Practice' lecture series and innovative architects, consultants and researchers
  • take part in study visits in the UK and abroad

You also visit another European city in Stage 2 to explore and record architectural design in another country.





澳洲 - University of South Australia 

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (3 years full time)

A career in architecture is immensely rewarding – you get the opportunity to shape, and even transform, the environment. 

Taught by a team of highly respected teachers who are also practicing architects, this degree allows you to learn from award-winning educators with real-world experience.

Our Bachelor of Architectural Studies is a globally competitive degree with a focus on the relationship between architecture, communication, technology, culture and the environment. Also our alumni network spans across the globe, from small boutique practices to leading international firms.