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  • Oundle School位於英國中部的一個小鎮內,離倫敦大約1小時車程。學校建築分佈於市中心,學生需穿過小街道往返各校舍。Oundle是一個非常細小的巿鎮,只有數間超級市場和咖啡店,如小朋友想購買其他用品,他們會等到週末跟老師或朋友 前往附近城巿才有一個比較大的購物商場。Oundle作為一個歴史悠久的小鎮,居民友善有禮,大部分的居民互相認識營造一個親切的環境,國際學生可以安全及輕鬆地認識英國風土文情。



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    Unique Point / Rise Smart Comment
    學校重點 / 廸昇評價

    • 享譽英國的知名學校
    • 學術表現及課外活動都很出色
    • 與慈善團體舉辦活動幫助當地社區
    • 本地居民對國際學生非常友善



  • 學校背景

    始創年份: 1556
    宗教: Church of England
    學生人數: 1100
    國際學生人數: 180
    寄宿學生人數: 820
    HMC 學校: Yes

    公開考試成績 2022

    2022 GCSE (% 7-9) : 74
    2022 A-Level (% A*-A) : 63

    2022-23 學費及寄宿費 - 每學期

    學期: 3
    貨幣: GBP
    Year 5: 0
    Year 6: 0
    Year 7 : 11771
    Year 8 : 13621
    Year 9 : 15411
    Year 10 : 15411
    Year 11 : 15411
    Year 12 : 15411
    Year 13 : 15411


    申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、推薦信、比賽或活動証明及護照
    申請費: £250
    入學試: Yes
    UKISET: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
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  • Combined Cadet Force CCF: Yes
    Duke of Edinburgh: Yes
    Badminton: Yes
    Basketball: Yes
    Cricket: Yes
    Drama: Yes
    Football: Yes
    GYM: Yes
    Hockey: Yes
    Netball: Yes
    Rugby: Yes
    Sailing: Yes
    Swimming: Yes
    Table Tennis: Yes
    Tennis: Yes
  • 申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、推薦信、比賽或活動証明及護照
    申請費: £250
    入學試: Yes
    UKISET: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
  • Year 9 提供的獎學金種類:
    • All-Rounded 全能
    • Academic 學術
    • Music 音樂
    • Art 藝術
    • Sport 運動
    • Drama 戲劇
    Year 12 提供的獎學金種類:
    • All-Rounded 全能
    • Academic 學術
    • Music 音樂
    • Art 藝術
    • Sport 運動
    • Drama 戲劇
  • 課程資料:



    課程1:UKiset 英國寄宿中學入學試預備
    - UKiset 模擬測試評估 UKiset Mock Assessment
    - 課程主要針對UKiset 英文,數學推理及邏輯部份 Focus on UKiset Non-Verbal, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English
    - 模擬試題操練 Mock Exam Practice

    學生可選擇由英國導師以online 實時形式教授或由香港老師面授課程,Online 或面授不影響教學質素,效果一樣。
    Basic Package: 4堂合共6小時上課:HKD6,000

    - 英文(全Online形式由英國導師實時教授)
    Basic Package: 5堂合共7.5 小時上課:HKD6,500 (Yr7-12)

    - 數學 (可選擇由英國導師以online 形式實時親自教授或由香港老師面授課程)
    Basic Package: 5堂合共7.5 小時上課:HKD5,500  (Yr7-9)
    Basic Package: 5堂合共7.5 小時上課:HKD7,500  (Yr10-12)

    - 科學 (如適用) (可選擇由英國導師以online 形式實時親自教授或由香港老師面授課程)
    Basic Package: 6堂合共 9小時上課:HKD6,600 (Yr7-9)
    Basic Package: 6堂合共 9小時上課:HKD9,000 (Yr10-12)

    由英國導師以online 形式實時親自教授入學面試技巧及模擬面試
    Basic Package: 1堂合共1.5小時: HKD900或 1堂合共1小時: HKD670 (Yr7-12)

    如學生同時報讀課程1及2(英文及數學),可免費獲得課程3:入學面試預備課程 (1小時)


    英國導師:(Online 實時教學)
    Mr. Pike (BA Hons, PCGE)

    Mr. Pike graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Plymouth, followed by a postgraduate Certificate in Education from Bristol University.
    Mr. Pike was Assistant Housemaster and dynamic subject lead in Economics and Business at Downside school. His academic students and their families give him insight into what he felt was missing from the UK's educational market; bespoke, expert support. He has a vision of improving the educational experience of all children, helping them achieve their academic goals, from all nationalities and background.

    Ms. Kitt  (BA Hons, QTS)
    Ms.Kitt is an educator with over 20 year’s experience in the UK’s Independent School sector. Ms.Kitt enjoyed a successful career as a teacher and English specialist, working as Head of English at a leading prep school. She went on to become Regional Manager for the South of England for a leading educational guardianship company. Ms.Kitt has worked exclusively with international students at boarding school in many of the top schools in England, and is an expert at educational consultancy, student placement and academic mentoring – she has helped dozens of families from all over the world to find the right school for their son or daughter and has worked alongside students help them assimilate into boarding life and to ensure their academic pathway is successful.
    Ms.Kitt works alongside many top partner schools including Winchester College, Marlborough, Bryanston, Canford, Sherborne, Clifton, Badminton, Westminster, Roedean and dozens more. Her knowledge of and insight into schools across the UK, and the relationships she has developed with schools, is fundamental to her ability to help you choose the right school for your child.

    Ms. Pike  (Oxford University)
    Ms.Pike is an alumnus of the Queen’s College, Oxford University, and holds a Master’s in Fine Art from the Ruskin School of Fine Art. During her time at Oxford Ms.Pike reformed student mental health care, launching the Mental Welfare team to support university students. Ms.Pike then went from Resident Artist to acting Department Lead, teaching Art and Photography to children ages 11 - 18 at a leading independent boarding school. She also worked at a leading academic prep school QEH teaching English and Maths, all the while continuing her tutoring, using her experience, specialist knowledge and graduate network to assist students in attaining places at top universities.
    Ms.Pike then became Head Academic Mentor for a top guardianship company, providing tailored tuition in secondary entrance exams, English and IELTS, and university entrance exams, interview and personal statement writing. Ms.Pike works closely with students to achieve their academic and university goals, with an extremely successful track record; 95% of her students gain interviews at Oxbridge.

    Mr. Tsang

    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hong Kong
    Diocesan Boys’ School (IB:40/45)
    Mr Tsang is currently a year two Biomedical Sciences undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong, achieving 4.3 gpa for his first semester. He graduated from Diocesan Boys’ School and scored 40 out of 45 in the IBDP.
    Wayne has a very strong science background, especially in Chemistry and Biology. He is fit to teach students in various curriculums, such as IB, A-levels, GCSE etc. What he offers is not just textbook knowledge or problem solving skills, but to help students equip the correct mindset that will definitely be beneficial to the students when they tackle all sorts of problems throughout their lives.
    Mr Tsang believes that every student needs a proper mentor in order to succeed in the game of life, and he strongly believes that with his passion to help others, combined with years of tutoring experiences, Mr Tsang will be the tutor to guide students to success.

    Miss Chan
    Juris Doctor, HKU
    BSc Politics and Philosophy, London School of Economics
    Badminton School, UK (AL - 1A*4A, GCSE - 10A*1A)
    Christy enjoys teaching English and Literature, and is specialised in helping students with various standardised tests and public examinations. She believes that thorough understanding is the key to success in any examination, which can be achieved through patient guidance and encouragement.

    Mr. Wong
    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hong Kong
    ESF Shatin College (IB:39/45, IGCSE: 4A*3A)
    Mr Wong had completed his IGCSEs and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at ESF Shatin College. He is currently in his second year of college, studying the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. He has also met all of his university offers from the UK, including Medical Biosciences at Imperial College of London. Mr Wong has a strong ardour for the scientific side of the world and would love to share his love for the sciences and mathematics with anyone. He is happy to provide help to students that were once in his position and help them prepare for their exams. His teaching methods are flexible and he is happy to adapt and adjust to the learning style and progression of the student. Through the contextualisation of scientific and empirical concepts to real-world scenarios, he can simplify scientific concepts and make it easier for students to comprehend theories and concepts, boosting their interest towards such disciplines.

    Miss Loke 
    Master of International Affairs, HKU
    Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), University of Warwick, UK
    Cheltenham Ladies' College (AL - 4A), UK
    Kristy was an active member of the University of Warwick, where she attained an almost perfect score for mathematical techniques in her first year, and excelled in the esteemed PPE degree, accumulating an all-rounded knowledge of political economy as well as philosophy through studying under the world-renowned scholar Keith Ansell-Pearson. Prior to university, she received straight As in GCE History, Economics, Maths and Further Maths.
    Kristy has a unique perspective on teaching as a process of engagement (assisting the students in developing an interest in the subject), consolidation (of knowledge gained in lessons) and application (in students’ free time). Prior to pursuing further education in the UK, Kristy had achieved Class Award, Book Award, Public Speaking Award, and Social Service Award at the top-tier Maryknoll Convent School, demonstrating her excellent academic calibre and inquisitive character in whichever institution she finds herself in.