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  • Abingdon School是位於英國牛津郡的名校, 牛津郡人口大約在165,000左右,其中153,900人住在中央城區。Abingdon School是區內首屈一指的男校,這不單指學術成績上,更多是他們努力幫助學生達到最好。雖然學校對收生有要求,但學校同時承諾會把學生教導到最好,所以多年來都是牛津郡家長入學首選,要提早最少一年申請。

    此校十分注重學生的全面發展,不但要求學生有很好的學術成績,還要求他們有多方面的課外活動,包括:動態及靜態活動。他們稱此教育方式為” 另一半The Other Half”。此教育方式十分受大學歡迎,因為能使學生身心上的發展更為全面,協助他們更快學會獨立和面對挑戰。


    Abingdon aims to educate boys and young men of talent and potential to the highest level, so that each may take his place in adulthood, able to compete with and meet with confidence his contemporaries from across the world. This is achieved by offering the highest quality academic programme which is enhanced by the diversity and breadth of an extensive “Other Half” and supported by meaningful and appropriate pastoral care.
    A young man leaving Abingdon should be well qualified so as to access the best possible university education and careers thereafter, be adaptable and flexible, be able to communicate with others from all walks of life, be civilised and courteous
    in his dealings with others and be secure and content with the individual he is.
    He will have a sense of what his values are and an awareness that life is not just about himself.

    The ‘OTHER half’
    For an independent school Abingdon is not a place with a great deal of “public school” jargon. However, one piece, unique to Abingdon, is its use of the term “The Other Half” to denote the extra-curricular side of school life. It encapsulates the notion that what a boy does in the classroom is only half of the reason
    he’s at the school and only half of what is going to be important to him as he matures.
    Abingdon’s “Other Half” is impressive by any standards with its range of over 100 activities. Sport no doubt is of huge importance to many boys but there is also a vast range of pursuits for them to get stuck into whilst off of the sports
    field. For some, it is the excitement and comradeship of the CCF and DoE, for others it’s the cerebral challenges of Chess and Board gaming. One really distinctive feature of life at Abingdon is that a boy does not have to dedicate himself to one thing: he can have a variety of identities.

    Field Trip Sharing


    Unique Point / Rise Smart Comment 
    學校重點 / 廸昇評價

    • 學生在公開試表演優異,歷年來逾九成畢業生入讀第一志願大學,不少更獲牛津、劍橋大學錄取
    • 頂級All Round 寄宿學校,是近年香港學生報名的首選,競爭激烈,申請必須作好準備及盡早申請
    • 校風以嚴謹見稱,要求學生嚴守紀律,每日作息時間均有規定
    • 運動投入非常多,讓學生保持競爭心及積極性



  • 學校背景

    始創年份: 1100
    宗教: Church of England
    學生人數: 1068
    國際學生人數: 136
    寄宿學生人數: 133
    HMC 學校: Yes

    公開考試成績 2022

    2022 GCSE (% 7-9) : 80.7
    2022 A-Level (% A*-A) : 69.9

    2022-23 學費及寄宿費 - 每學期

    學期: 3
    貨幣: GBP
    Year 5: 0
    Year 6: 0
    Year 7 : 0
    Year 8 : 0
    Year 9 : 15960
    Year 10 : 15960
    Year 11 : 15960
    Year 12 : 15960
    Year 13 : 15960


    申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、推薦信、比賽或活動証明及護照
    申請費: £300
    入學試: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
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  • Combined Cadet Force CCF: Yes
    Duke of Edinburgh: Yes
    Badminton: Yes
    Basketball: Yes
    Cricket: Yes
    Drama: Yes
    Football: Yes
    Golf: Yes
    GYM: Yes
    Hockey: Yes
    Rugby: Yes
    Sailing: Yes
    Swimming: Yes
    Table Tennis: Yes
    Tennis: Yes
  • 申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、推薦信、比賽或活動証明及護照
    申請費: £300
    入學試: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
  • Year 7 提供的獎學金種類:
    • All-Rounded 全能
    • Music 音樂
    Year 9 提供的獎學金種類:
    • Academic 學術
    • Music 音樂
    • Art 藝術
    • Sport 運動
    • Drama 戲劇
    Year 12 提供的獎學金種類:
    • Music 音樂
    • Art 藝術
    • Sport 運動
    • Drama 戲劇

    Scholarships are awarded for academic excellence, art and design technology, drama, music and sport. Awards are offered at the three main entry points aged 11, 13 and to the Sixth Form. Scholarships and the 11+ Academic and All Rounder awards entitle the holder to a nominal fee remission of £300 per annum.