英國大學UCAS申請: 重要時間表

已經申請左UCAS ? 要記住所有時間是比較困難,如要協助,請看以下時間表。如果香港學生還未申請,現在仍然接受申請(直至6月30號),即使知名大學未必會一定會給你任何收生信,總好過唔申請。

Keep these dates in mind, and you’ll avoid any last minute panic.

If you are applying for university in 2016

October 15 – Deadline for Oxford, Cambridge and medicine
The first deadline to keep in mind. For those looking to apply to Oxbridge,medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses, applications need to be completed and submitted via Ucas by 6pm (GMT). This means ALL aspects of your application – including your reference from teachers. So if you haven’t asked yet, you’d better put on your nicest smile.

January 15, 2016 – Deadline for most undergraduate courses
If you spent Christmas making some final tweaks to your application or personal statement, today is the day you have to submit the final product to Ucas. This should be done by 6pm (GMT) if you want to make sure your application is given equal consideration by universities.

February 25 – Ucas Extra opens
If you applied to the January 15 deadline, used all your five options, but don’t hold any offers, Ucas Extra could be for you. Ucas Extra gives candidates who haven’t secured a place a chance to add another option to their application. Bear in mind, you can only add one extra option at a time and the system will close on July 4.

May to July – Deadlines for replying to university offers
May 4: If you receive all university decisions by March 31, who must reply by May 4 or they will be rejected for you.
June 8: If you receive all decisions by May 5, you must reply by June 8
June 23: If you receive all decisions by June 8, you must reply by June 23
July 22: If you receive all decisions by July 14, you must reply by July 22

May 5 – University deadline to reply to your application
If you applied to the January 15 deadline, universities have until today to reply to you. If you do not hear back from them about your application by the end of the day, Ucas will decline the application on their behalf.

June 30 – Last day you can apply to university for 2016 entry
If you submit your first application (ie not Ucas Extra) to Ucas by 6pm (GMT) they will forward your application on to your chosen universities – bear in mind that it may not receive equal consideration as those submitted to the January 15 deadline. Any applications received after this point, will be entered into Clearing 2016.

July 4 – Last day to enter Ucas Extra

July 5 – IB (international baccalaureate) results published

August 18, 2016 – A-level Results Day

By Josie Gurney-Read, Online Education Editor