英國倫敦寄宿學校 Ealing Independent College 獎學金高達 £150,000

At Ealing Independent College we have a strong track record of helping students reach their true potential enabling them to gain offers from top universities across the country and abroad. When students join the College their personal tutors will help set their post-College progression plan. Our younger students are encouraged to start thinking about their academic future early on, as an early decision will help ensure the right A-Level subjects are chosen. Particularly, if students wish to proceed into competitive academic fields such as Medicine, Dentistry and Law (and not restricted to these disciplines), early planning is crucial. Students aiming for any courses at top universities – Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and London School of Economics also have to plan well in advance to ensure that their application is robust and strong.

Scholarship List:
A. 100% of Tuition Fee for Full Course x 2
( Up to £20,100 per year)

B. 50% of Tuition Fee for Full Course x 5
( Up to £10,050 per year)

C. 30% of Tuition Fee for Full Course x 5
( Up to £6,030 per year)

About the Scholarship:
Ealing Independent College, our independent College in West London for students 13 to 19, has recently introduced a scholarship fund totalling to £150 000 to ensure exceptionally gifted Hong Kong students benefit from their high quality education.  The scholarships awarded (ranging from full or partial) will cover the tuition fees for their education at Ealing Independent College, and will be set as per the academic achievements of successful candidates*.

To be eligible to apply for the Ealing Independent College’s scholarship, you must meet the below listed criteria:
1. Selection only 1 Scholarship Category
2. Holder of Hong Kong SAR or BNO Passport
3. Age 13-17
4. Provide past 2 years’ academic transcript
5. Statement of Purpose: Why you would like to study in UK and why you think you deserve scholarship
6. Able to maintenance the living and accommodation cost for study in United Kingdom
7. Able to grant a Tier 4 Visa from UKBA

Ealing Independent College Scholars are students who demonstrate their desire and ability to overcome barriers and to achieve their goals. Your application will be evaluated on your:
1. Academic performance in the past 2 years
2. Individual determination to succeed
3. Future goals and plans to achieve them
4. Ability to communicate the hardships you have overcome or currently face
5. Ealing Independent College holds the final decision right

Scholarship Payment:
The Scholarship will be deduced with Ealing Independent College’s Tuition Fee

Application Method:
Apply through Scholarship Online Application Sytem :

How to Apply:
1. Fill in the Scholarship Online Application Form together with the required documents: Past 2 Years academic transcript and Statement of Purpose.
2. The application process is now open. Make sure your application is submitted by the closing date of May 31, 2016.
3. Shortlisted applicants will receive a notification within 2 weeks from application submission. Those who do not receive the notification may assume that their applications are unsuccessful. Shortlisted applicants are asked to submit the Ealing Independent College Application Form, Identity Information and a reference letter from current school.
4. After the information is submitted, all information is reviewed by Ealing independent College selection committee.
5. The result will be announced at Jun 30, 2016 by Rise Smart Overseas Education Centre. The decision of selection committee on the awardees shall be final and there is no appeal mechanism for the outcomes.

Important dates:
January 1, 2016 — Application opens
May 31, 2016 — Application deadline
Jun 30 , 2016 — Scholars announced

Contact (852) 2980-2306

Ealing Independent College 位於倫敦London 西面,教授13-19歲學生,專注提昇學生學術水平,提供GCSE , 1 Year GCSE , A-Level 及 1 Year A-Level 課程,於2015年英國A-Level 成績優異,超過50% 學生獲得進入Russell Group 大學的資格,Value Added 亦屬全英國 Top 1%。

Ealing Independent College 學生人數並不多,所以可以實行小班制,專注提昇每個學生的學術水平,協助他們進入最好的大學,Ealing Independent College 在協助學生進入大學方面,提供了不少支援,例如:選擇A-Level 科目的建議,大學及科目的編排及要求,專業科目的準備。學校更針對頂級大學-牛津、劍橋、帝國學院及倫敦經濟學院等名校作出專業培訓,使學生對進入相關大學更有信心。

A:100% 學費減免 ×2名

B:50%學費減免 ×5名

C:30%學費減免 ×5名

伊林獨立學院 - 位於倫敦西部的獨立學院,推出一個總額為£150,000的獎學金計劃, 希望提供給香港資優學生來到伊林獨立學院接受其高品質的教育。學生可以獲得在伊林獨立學院整個課程時間的相關學費減免。現時共有三個類別接受申請,而每個類別的名額如上。

申請伊林獨立學院的獎學金, 申請人須符合以下條件:
1.選擇其中1個獎學金類別 : A , B 或 C
2.持有香港特區 ,BNO護照或身份證明書
5.目標陳述書: Why you would like to study in UK and why you think you deserve scholarship? 500 - 1000 words
7.能夠成功獲得Tier 4學生簽證



申請須透過獎學金計劃的網上申請系統填寫及提交 :

5.結果將在2016年6月30日於廸昇海外升學中心網站及Facebook 公佈,評選委員會對獲獎者的決定是最終決定,沒有上訴機制。

重要日期 :

致電:(852) 2980-2306

*廸昇海外升學中心為Ealing Independent College 獎學金2015-16於香港的唯一及指定協辦機構,獎學金計劃申請費用全免,廸昇會為EIC 確認文件的真確性及有效性,而甄選及決定權在EIC,廸昇不能亦不會保証申請一定成功。在成功獲得獎學金後,廸昇會協助學生辦理相關升學事宜。
Rise Smart Overseas Education Centre is the only authorised organisation for Ealing Independent College Scholarship Campaign in Hong Kong, this application is free of charge, Rise Smart will verify and certify the application materials. The right of selection of scholar is under EIC, Rise Smart will not guarantee an outcome. Rise Smart will help the scholars to process the enrolment and other issues.


The Application is closed. Applied candidates will receive contact and confirmation. 申請已經完結。已申請者,會收到聯絡及通知。