UK’s Top Boarding School Premier Preparatory Course 英國頂尖寄宿學校優越預備課程

Established in early 2006 , Rise Smart Overseas Education Centre has been a professional agency serving motivated individuals who pursue overseas study. In the past 12 years, we successfully arranged for more than hundred students to be admitted to top UK boarding schools. The UK’s top boarding school premier preparatory course is designed for students who wish to enter UK top schools. In addition to our professional consulting services, there will also be one-on-one academic support tutoring services from our UK graduate mentors. Not only do our mentors provide academic support, they also serve as life coaching roles and students treat them as role models.

Students will first receive a free assessment to test their academic level. After the test results are obtained, we will formulate a study plan and estimate learning hours according to students’ strengths and weaknesses, and arrange expert tutors to provide tuition and guidance. Each premier preparatory course is tailor-made for students to help them successfully enter to top schools. After successfully enrolling in the top schools, our elite UK education consultants team will also follow-up student’s accommodation, insurance, guardianship, air tickets and transfers etc. If students encounter any problems in UK, such as, culture difficulties, subjects selection, directions for further studies, employment prospects, etc., we are also happy to provide suggestions and maintain a good relationship with parents and students. We keep striving to live up to our slogan “Rise Smart – The Futures Starts Today”. We always place your dreams at our hearts.

廸昇自 2006 年成立以來,一直服務有志前往海外升學的學生,提供一站式顧問服務。在過往十二年間,我們成功安排過百學生考入心儀英國頂尖學校。英國頂尖寄宿學校優越預備課程是專門為有意入讀英國頂尖學校的學生而設。除了我們的專業升學諮詢服務外,亦會有英國留學畢業導師提供一對一學術支援補習服務。我們的導師不僅提供學術上的支援,他們亦充當人生教練角色,讓學生視他們為榜樣。

首先,學生會獲得免費評估來測試學術水平,得到測試結果後,我們會針對學生之強弱科目來制定課程及預計學習時數,並安排導師提供補習及指導。每個優越預備課程都是為學生度身訂造,務求讓學生成功考入頂尖學校。成功入讀心儀學校後,我們的升學團隊亦會全程跟進學生之住宿、保險、監護人、機票及接送等安排。如果學生到達英國後遇到任問題,例如:文化差異、選科困難、升學路向、就業前景等,我們亦會樂意一路跟進及提供意見,保持與家長及學生的良好關係,貫徹「廸昇 未來由今日開始」的精神。