In celebration of our 40th anniversary and of our commitment to global education in what are challenging times around the world, we are delighted to introduce our 2017 Friendship Ambassador Awards.

These are generous awards of up to £6,000 are for the first year of a student’s time at d’Overbroeck’s International Section. If you are excited by the idea of studying in the UK and if you want to play an active role in school life, this award could be for you.

We are looking for students:

who have a good academic background. This will be assessed by looking at your school reports, your school references and how you do in our English and Maths tests
are enthusiastic about studying at a British school and look forward to studying with students from around the world
are excited about making a contribution to life at the school
are eager to become involved in sports, activities and events
enjoy meeting and talking to people. This is because as an Ambassador they will meet families and show them around the school for us.
You will able to tell us about all these things in your personal statement and interview.

As you know, d’Overbroeck’s has always welcomed students from around the world to study alongside our UK students and create a community of friends. d’Overbroeck’s is a British School with a global outlook. We have over 500 day and boarding students aged 11 to 18, 60% of whom are from the UK. We have over 30 different nationalities at the school, which ensures we create an environment that develops global citizens.

This year is our 40thanniversary and to celebrate this and to highlight our commitment to global education we are delighted to offer a number of generous Friendship Awards. What better way to show our belief in the importance of working together across the world and the huge contribution international students bring to the UK and our school.

We are fully committed to having international students as part of our community because we know that we all gain from this. The people of Oxford also believe fully in working together with friends in other countries and voted strongly against Brexit.

Our Friendship Ambassador Awards are aimed at students wishing to join d’Overbroeck’s International Section on our IGCSE and Study Abroad programmes in 2017 who will be:

good representatives for their country whilst they are studying with us
good representatives of d’Overbroeck’s in their region (both during their studies and after they have graduated).
Awards will be made on the basis of merit and duration of course.

Successful applicants will benefit from amounts of up to £6,000 a year for the first year of a student’s study programme at our International Section.


If you would like to apply to be one of our Ambassadors, please complete the online application form and include a personal statement in which you should tell us:

what you have done at school in your own country that shows some of the qualities shown above, For example have you represented your school in an activity? Have you given a presentation to your class? Are you a member of a club? Do you have a hobby you are passionate about? Have you travelled a lot? Do you like meeting new people from around the world? Tell us why you would enjoy joining us and working with others.
The Application Form will ask you to attach copies of you school records (translated), exam results if you have them, and a copy of the photo page of your passport. If you have certificates showing your level of English language you can include these too but we will test your English language as part of the assessment.
All applicants will be interviewed by the Helen Wood, Head of the International Section or David Wareham our Deputy Head. The interview can be by Skype if you cannot visit the school.

Both David and Helen are great believers in the importance and value of an international education. Helen herself benefited from an award that allowed her to travel and study in another country whilst she was at Cambridge University.

In what are difficult times around the world d’Overbroeck’s is determined to maintain a community of students from around the world working with our UK students to help promote a better global world. If you think you would like to be a part of this apply now for our Friendship Ambassador Award.