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  • York College 有最一流的教學設施,花費了約7億港元建造的大型教學建築羣。而且設計是針對16-19學生而設,使學生對掌握學習時更有把握。York College是區內最大型的公立專上學院,提供40種A-Level科目及80種就業類課程,有大量的實習及學徒機會。在學校,國際學生不單可在課堂上吸取知識,更可了解英國的工業及就業情況,亦可以接觸最新科技,令到學生明白學以致用的道理。部份大學及公司亦與York College合作推出課程,使學生更貼近社會。

    York College 每年有800多人申請大學,所以他們有專責部門去協助學生處理大學申請上的問題,包括:選科、個人意向書、面試等等,使學生有更大機會進入心儀大學。另外,學校亦有 Extended Project Qualification 的課程,協助有意申請高排名大學的學生,填寫論文,使大學更大機會錄取York College的學生。

    York College has a £60 million building with first-class resources designed with post-16 students in mind. This, combined with an Outstanding Ofsted grade (December 2013) and the highest standards for individual student achievement, provides an outstanding environment for teaching and learning.

    York College is the largest educational provider for 16 – 19 year olds in the region, offering over 40 A Level subjects and 80 Vocational programmes. The College also delivers a range of Traineeships and Apprenticeships and works effectively with over 1,000 employers, helping them to recruit apprentices, provide bespoke training and achieve their individual and business goals.  The College has over 700 apprentices training on a range of Level 2 and 3 and 4 apprenticeships. York College also offers a range of Higher Education courses for full and part-time study as well as many Adult Learning classes.

    York College offers a more adult environment for students and provides an ideal stepping stone to university or the workplace. Students learn the right skills and receive the necessary support to achieve their goals.  The College provides excellent preparation for university and this year more than 800 students submitted university applications. The College also offers specific support to students aiming for top universities, including an opportunity to study the Extended Project Qualification, a nationally recognised qualification which carries the same UCAS points as an AS Level.

    York College has been recognised as one of the leading Colleges in the country after it was judged ‘Outstanding’ by national inspection body Ofsted during an inspection which took place between 9th to 13th December 2013

    Unique Point / Rise Smart Comment
    學校重點 / 廸昇評價

    • 位於York的城巿,為區內最大型的專上學院,城巿設計優美,交通亦便利
    • 為提高國際學生的英語能力,學校額外提供英語補習課程
    • 最先進的學校設施,達到大學級數
    • 提供40科A-Level科目及80種就業類課程
    • 大部份為英國學生,只有少量國際學生,使學生在全英語環境下學習
    • 每年學費只需7,500 – 10,500英鎊,比私立學校便宜一半
    • 專責部門協助申請大學
    • 設有International Founation Year
    • Ofsted 報告 – Outstanding


  • 學校背景

    學生人數: 9000

    考試成績及升學率 2015-16


    英文班: Yes
    Foundation 大學預備班: Yes

    International Foundation Year (IFY)
    Extended IFP (IFP Extra)
    Foundation Studies in Art & Design


    A-Level (2-Years) - 40 Subjects
    Foundation Degree
    Vocational Course

    學費及住宿費 - 每年

    貨幣: GBP
    學費: 7,500 - 10,500
    住宿費: 6,600-8,000
    學校宿舍: Yes
    寄宿家庭: Yes


    入學時間: 9月,1月

    年齡 : 16+
    A-Level : 中四/中五,校內成績平均分50%以上,IELTS for UKVI : 5.5

    申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、公開考試成績(如有)、IELTS for UKVI及護照
    入學試: Yes
    IELTS: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
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  • 入學時間: 9月,1月

    年齡 : 16+
    A-Level : 中四/中五,校內成績平均分50%以上,IELTS for UKVI : 5.5

    申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、公開考試成績(如有)、IELTS for UKVI及護照
    入學試: Yes
    IELTS: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306