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  • Bootham School York於1823年創立,校舍位於英國北部城市York的市中心。10英畝的校園被York的古典建築包圍,學生可輕易感受與香港 不同的文化。

    學校與其他英國寄宿學校不同之處是在於他們的 宗教信仰。此校的辦學信念是由基督教貴格會 (Quakers)而來,貴格會(Quakers)又名 friends,主張平等與和平主義,所以校園氣氛非常融洽,每一個早上,全校學生及老師會到禮堂靜 坐讓大家靜思。此校的師生關係有別於其他學校,學生可以稱呼老師的名字,能塑造一個平等環境給學生專心地學習和培養良好品格。另外,Quakers文化希望學生擁有獨立批判思維,學校上下持開放態度與學生談論學校問題及社會民生。

    在教育上,學校也獲得不錯的成績。在不挑選學生 (non-selective school)的情況下達到此成績 是非常困難。學校利用很多現代設施包括:活動白板、電腦、科學實驗室、設計藝術工作房、體育館以及劇院等等,使學生進步。

    Unique Point / Rise Smart Comment
    學校重點 / 廸昇評價

            • 英國少有的貴格學校Quakers
            • 輕鬆愉快的學習環境,可跟老師親切地相處,學生可對老師直呼其名
            • 訓練獨立批判思維

  • 學校背景

    始創年份: 1823
    宗教: Quakers
    學生人數: 580
    國際學生人數: 76
    寄宿學生人數: 91

    公開考試成績 2022

    2022 GCSE (% 7-9) : 50
    2022 A-Level (% A*-A) : 38

    2022-23 學費及寄宿費 - 每學期

    學期: 3
    貨幣: GBP
    Year 5: 0
    Year 6: 0
    Year 7 : 6885
    Year 8 : 6885
    Year 9 : 11700
    Year 10 : 11700
    Year 11 : 11700
    Year 12 : 11700
    Year 13 : 11700


    申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、推薦信、比賽或活動証明及護照
    申請費: 75
    入學試: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
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  • Duke of Edinburgh: Yes
    Badminton: Yes
    Basketball: Yes
    Cricket: Yes
    Drama: Yes
    Football: Yes
    GYM: Yes
    Hockey: Yes
    Netball: Yes
    Rugby: Yes
    Swimming: Yes
    Table Tennis: Yes
    Tennis: Yes
  • 申請文件: 過去2年校內成績表、推薦信、比賽或活動証明及護照
    申請費: 75
    入學試: Yes
    面試: Yes
    查詢熱線: 852 - 2980 2306
  • 學校簡介:

    Bootham School York於1823年創立,校舍位於英國北部城市York的市中心。10英畝的校園被York的古典建築包圍,學生可輕易感受與香港 不同的文化。

    • 每星期合共15小時英語上課時間
    • 課程多元化:有English Plus Multi-Activity, Dance, Drama, Football, Intensive English 及Life Skills
    • 可選擇房間: Single, Twin, Triple, Quad
    • 由UKLC 教育機構協辦

    English Plus Multi-Activity
    The “typical” summer programme consisting of a wide variety of activities and sports. Sessions are structured and are coached by specialist staff. Sessions can include: tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, photography workshops, dance, football, drama etc. Students are moved through two or three activities on rotation in each session.

    English Plus Dance
    For students with a passion for dance. Sessions take place with a specialist dance teacher and the programme works towards an end-of-course performance to the whole school. Sessions begin with a warm-up before learning new steps and techniques needed to put together a dance routine. The second part of the sessions allow students to practice what they have learnt and rehearse any routines for the final performance. Styles covered include street dance, modern jazz, contemporary and West End musical.

    English Plus Drama
    For students with an interest in drama and a desire to improve their English through confidence-building performances. Sessions take place with a drama teacher who will guide the students through a programme exploring various elements of acting; including improvisation, mime and role play. They will perform at the end of the course either a part of a well-known play or something they have written themselves.

    English Plus Football
    For students who love football and want to play it every waking minute! Coaching session are led by qualified staff and aim to improve each student’s technical skills and abilities. It also aims to build on their understanding of match tactics and playing systems. There are regular matches and a weekly showpiece game.

    English Plus Intensive English
    Additional English lessons for those who really want to maximise their language learning during their stay in the UK. Students will build on their lessons through additional English classes at a level appropriate to their achievement in the placement test. The lesson content will be a continuation of the UKL4 programmes as outlined in the accompanying Academic Summary (see section on “Academic” Tuition)

    English Plus Life Skills
    For students aged 14-17 who want more from their summer school experience. The purpose is to develop students in a way that is going to be useful to them as they go on to become young adults. They will undertake seminars and workshops on topics such as CV writing, interview skills, presentation skills, writing for academic purpose and projecting confidence, competence and credibility. Elements of this will be incorporated into project work that will be presented at the end of the course.

    課程名稱 年齡 開課日期 結束日期 學費 (英磅)
    - English Plus Multi-Activity

    - English Plus Dance

    - English Plus Drama

    - English Plus Football

    - English Plus Intensive English

    - English Plus Life Skills

    11 – 15 2021年7月11日
    2021年8月8日 £1,200 (每星期)

    學費不包括:機票,Manchester 機場接送£65(需於指定日期及時間內到達或離開),保險,額外活動和零用錢

    課程時間表 - Sample: