澳洲 Eynesbury 學校的SACE成績為全省頂尖 5%

Eynesbury 學校的師生都對2015 SACE 的成績感到高興。對學生在這年的努力感到恩惠及自豪。

約39% 的學生取得 ATAR 超過95,全南澳所有學校,只有約百分之五學校可以得此佳績。


Teachers and the wider Eynesbury community extend their warm congratulations to the Class of 2015 on their fantastic SACE results!

Students have worked hard this year and should be very proud of their success.
An impressive 39% of our students achieved an ATAR over 95, placing them in the top 5% of the state!

Well done in particular to Sophie Chen (99.75), Alexandra Nicols (99.75), Nina Nguyen (99.45), Jubilee Xu (99.3), Caleb Lai (98.85), Danielle Pashalidis (98.7), Alexandra Christie (98.6), Lucie Fittock (98.3) and Mel Politis (98.25), who are well deserving of their places on the Eynesbury Honour Roll and in rare company as some of the highest achievers of the SACE!

Also, Nina Nguyen is Year 12 graduate, she has been awarded a Governor of South Australia Commendation! Nina is one of only 26 to receive this award across the state.