TAS The Armidale School 於2016年轉為男女校

In April our school board announced that TAS will become co-educational in all year levels from 2016. This is perhaps the biggest change in the school’s history.  We have had girls in our Junior School for many years and we feel that co-education gives students tremendous benefits both in the class room and socially.  We are all very excited about this move and work has started to ensure a smooth transition for students parents and teachers at the school. We have started refurbishment of the girls’ boarding house and are in the process of appointing a Director of Girls. I will update you on our progress through the year.
Another innovative development from our Director of Studies is the expansion and enrichment of the elective offering for students in Years 9 and 10.  The majority of  schools offer a limited and narrow range of traditional elective subjects.  From 2016 TAS students are able to choose three elective subjects in each semester of Years 9 and 10 from a suite of in excess of 80 individual courses. All of these subjects are linked to HSC courses giving TAS students the advantage of sampling a wider array of courses before specialising in Years 11 and 12 for the HSC course.