廸昇優越教育聖誕精讀及常規課程 Rise Smart Premier Education Christmas Intensive and Regular Tutorial Course (I/GCSE, GCE-AL, IB)


Rise Smart Premier Education Christmas / Regular Preparatory and Intensive Revision Course

(Students from international schools, local schools or schools in UK are all welcomed) 

廸昇優越教育課程特式 Rise Smart Premier Education Course Features

  • 自選上課日期及時間 Flexible class schedule
  • 一對一或小組(2-4人)上課模式 One-on-one or small group class (2-4 persons) setting
  • 制定學習評估報告讓家長了解學生之進度 Student progress report will be provided

根據學生不同需要而制定課程及安排導師 Tailor-made tutoring plan for every student

Our mentors not only provide academic support, but they also serve as life coaching roles and students treat them as role models.


英國 Year 5 – Year 10入學預備常規課程

UK Year 5 – Year 10 Regular Preparatory Course

  • 適合將會9月到英國入讀Year 5 – Year 10 之學生
    Design for students who have enrolled in UK Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 in this coming September
  • 讓學生能預先熟悉英國課程,輕鬆面對全新學習環境
    Allow students to prepare the UK curriculum in order to face the new learning environment easily
  • 配合拔尖補底形式來加強學生學術能力,照顧不同學生的需要
    Enhance and strengthen student’s academic ability according to student’s different needs


(I)GCSE/AL/IB 聖誕/常規預備課程

(I)GCSE/AL/IB Christmas / Regular Preparatory Course

  • 適合將會開始或已開始 (I)GCSE/AL/IB 課程之學生
    Design for students who will start or have started (I)GCSE/AL/IB curriculum in this coming September
  • 集中重溫課程大綱及預先教授新學期之課程
    Focus on revision and start teaching new materials for next term
  • 操練歷屆試題及針對考試技巧
    Past paper drilling and identify any deficiencies in the exam technique
  • 學科補習包括 Subject Included: Biology, Business Studies, Chinese, Chemistry, English, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and more......

成功故事Our Success Stories

Since 2006, we have successfully helped our students to get in the following schools:

- Abingdon School
- Badminton School
- Bedford School
- Brighton College
- Bromsgrove School
- Cardiff Sixth form College
- Caterham School
- Concord College
- Cheltenham College
- Cheltenham Ladies' College
- Christ’s Hospital School
- Dauntsey’s School
- Dulwich College
- Haileybury
- Queen Ethelburga’s College
- Oundle School
- Sevenoaks School
- The King’s School, Canterbury
- The Leys School
- Uppingham School
- Wellington College
- Woldingham School
and more…….

我們的學生來自香港本地及國際學校 Our students are come from local and international schools, such as:

-Canadian International School
-Chinese International School
-Christian Alliance International School
-Diocesan Boys' School
-Diocesan Girls' School
-German Swiss International School
-Harrow International School
-Independent Schools Foundation
-International Christian School
-Island School
-King George V
-Korean International School
-Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong
-PLK Choi Kai Yau School
-PLK Ngan Po Ling College
-Renaissance College
-Shatin College
-South Island School
-Stamford American School
-St. Paul's Co-educational College
-Victoria Shanghai Academy
-West Island School
-Yew Chung International School
and more…….

Fees & Discount

英國Year 5 – 10入學預備常規課程

UK Year 5 – 10 Regular Preparatory Course

Year 5 Year 6-7 Year 8-9 Year 10


$4,000 / 4堂Lessons $4,500/ 4堂Lessons $5,000/ 4堂Lessons $5,500 / 4堂Lessons
數學Mathematics $4,000 / 4堂Lessons $4,500 / 4堂Lessons $5,000 / 4堂Lessons $5,500 / 4堂Lessons
科學Sciences $4,000 / 4堂Lessons $4,500 / 4堂Lessons $5,000 / 4堂Lessons $5,500 / 4堂Lessons

*每堂1.5小時Each lesson is 1.5 hours


(I)GCSE/AL/IB 聖誕/常規預備課程

(I)GCSE/AL/IB Christmas Intensive/ Regular Preparatory Course

Year 11 Year 12 Year 13

English or TOK

$6,600 / 4堂導師指導課Tutorial Lessons + 4堂操卷班Past Paper Drilling Lessons $7,200 / 4堂導師指導課Tutorial Lessons + 4堂操卷班Past Paper Drilling Lessons $7,800 / 4堂導師指導課Tutorial Lessons + 4堂操卷班Past Paper Drilling Lessons

Other Subjects

$6,400 / 4堂導師指導課Tutorial Lessons + 4堂操卷班Past Paper Drilling Lessons $7,000 / 4堂導師指導課Tutorial Lessons + 4堂操卷班Past Paper Drilling Lessons $7,600 / 4堂導師指導課Tutorial Lessons + 4堂操卷班Past Paper Drilling Lessons

*導師指導課每堂1.5小時Each tutorial lesson is 1.5 hours


Bring a Friend Discount Rate
1 Friend 10%
2 Friends 15%
3 Friends 20%
4 Friends or more 25%
Bundle Package Discount Rate
2 Courses 10%
3 Courses 15%
4 Courses or more 20%

The Experts

Dr. Lui - Chemistry, Mathematics 

Postdoctoral Research Associate
The University of Sydney, Australia 
PhD in Chemistry & Master of Science in Chemistry
Imperial College London, UK
Warwick School, UK

Matthew obtained his masters and doctorate degrees in Chemistry from Imperial College London. After graduation, he became a research scientist at The University of Sydney. He has extensive teaching experience at secondary and tertiary levels. Matthew is an expert in Chemistry, and he likes to utilize his rich experience in scientific research as a source of inspiration for his students. In his lessons, Matthew likes to connect the scientific knowledge to our daily life through discussions of relevant history. He obtained top grades in both GCSE and GCE A-Level Chemistry and is deeply knowledgeable in various international curricula (i.e. IGCSE, A-Levels, IB) of science.  

Mr. Cheung - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 

Master of Medical Science (Specialty in Pathology), HKU
BA in Natural Sciences (First Class Honors)
University of Cambridge, UK
Merchiston Castle School (AL - 5A*)

Lawrence graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with a BA in Natural Sciences with first class honours. He spent his high school education in the UK and achieved 5A* in GCE A level. Lawrence also obtained a Master of Medical Science (Specialty in Pathology) at the University of Hong Kong in 2018.

Lawrence has a very strong background in sciences and helps students understand by explaining complex ideas in a clear, simple way. He understands the common traps students often fall into and specifically strengthens students' understanding to avoid these mistakes. Lawrence also contextualises scientific concepts with real-life situation to aid students understand the more practical, interesting side of science.

Mr. Wong - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Wealth Management
University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Oundle School, UK  (AL - 2A*1A)

Tim is graduated from University of Hong Kong with a BBA degree in Wealth Management. Having studied abroad in Oundle School,UK since year 9, his most native language is English, but he is also fluent in Cantonese. 

Tim achieved 9A*s & 2As in his IGCSEs, as well as A* in Chemistry, A in Mathematics and A in Biology in his GCE levels. Mr. Wong is experienced with regards to educating youth, he has had 3 years of tutoring experience, and he volunteers as a rugby coach for junior teams in the HKFC every weekend.

Tim is very strong at subjects involving logical reasoning, and is able to articulate and simplify complex ideas. He also has a strong apprehension on examination techniques, specifically on (I)GCSE exams. Tim is able to teach English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and History for (I)GCSE levels.

John - Mathematics, Physics 

MEng Civil Engineering 
(First Class Honors)
Imperial College London, UK 

John graduated with a MEng (1st class honours) in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London, UK.  Before that, he obtained 3As in GCE A Level.  He has five years of industry experience in engineering and public service.  His professional experience has helped him gain insights into real world applications of physics, mathematics and science.  He has more than five years of private tutorial experience, and is very familiar with the IGCSE/GCSE/GCE/IB curriculum.  John is able to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. 

Mr. Chong - English, Economics, Mathematics, Sciences, UKiset

Kwok's Scholar
Bachelor of Arts – BA, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
University of Oxford, UK (2019-2022)
Wellington College, UK (IB:43/45)

Jack is a first-year student at University of Oxford studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) with full-ride scholarship. He is graduated from Wellington College (UK) and previously attended Diocesan Boy’s School in Hong Kong. He is passionate about international affairs and particularly teaching students to be critical and aware of global issues. He enjoys seeing his students grow their critical thinking skills and gaining exposure in an area that is often overlooked by school-based syllabuses.

Miss. Yim - TOK, English, History, Philosophy, Extended Essay

Juris Doctor (JD)
University of Hong Kong (HKU)
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Shatin College, HK (IB: 40/45)

Joyce graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK with a BSc Government degree and completed Juris Doctor degree at the University of Hong Kong. 

Over the past 4 years, Joyce has tutored 30+ IB/GCSE students from notable schools in Hong Kong and the UK, including CIS, LPCUWC, HKIS, WIS, KGV, Harrow School and Godolphin & Latymer School. Joyce mainly teaches English, History and Philosophy, and occasionally helps students with IB Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. 

Joyce noticed that students are often relatively familiar with the texts, but fail to express their ideas effectively in the exams or assignments. Joyce helps student understand how to structure their essays effectively that will get them the extra marks, as well as the ways to revise efficiently for the upcoming exams. 

Mr. Marriott - English, Mathematics, Geography, Physics 

TEFL Certificate 
University of London, UK
BEng (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. Marriott graduated from the University of London, UK with a B.Eng (Hons) in Aeronautical engineering. He spent his high school education in the UK and graduated with a teaching certificate from Nottingham Trent University. He is an experience IB physics and science teacher and has completed Physics CAT 2 IB training.
A positive and motivated teacher, he is committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow and develop. He wants to bring his wealth of experience to inspire and motivate students in pursuing academic careers in science and technology. He has substantial industrial and commercial experience.

Mr. Li - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 

MEng Chemical Engineering
University of Cambridge
Shrewsbury School (AL - 3A*1A)

Mark graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with a BA and MEng in Chemical Engineering. Before studying at Cambridge, Mark completed GCSEs and A-level at Shrewsbury School where he received Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*) and Chemistry (A) in GCE A-level.

Mark’s speciality lies in science tutoring and would like to fuel his pupil’s passion for Maths and Sciences as well as training them to excel in exams. To do this, Mark focuses on two main areas: conceptual understanding and exam technique. He guides his pupils through complex concepts by draw analogies from easily comprehensible everyday situations. He also believes a solid understanding is the most effective way to ensure good results. Once the pupil understands the concepts, Mark will teach the pupils what examiners expect to see on paper for high marks.

Mr. Cheung - English, Mathematics, Sciences, UKiset

PCLL, City University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LLB, King's College London
Concord College, UK (AL - 3A* 1A)

John is a law scholar at King’s College London who always believed in effective learning. His 8 years in Concord College, UK allowed him to demonstrate his excellence in GCSE (7A* 4A) and A-Levels (3A* 1A). John’s previous students range from primary school to university students and he is particularly passionate about helping others getting into their desired universities by providing tailored teaching schemes focusing on high school and university applications as well as the IELTS examination. His ability to incorporate logical thinking has proven to enable students apply skills such as exam techniques and benefit from invaluable opportunities.

Miss. Loke - Economics, English and Mathematics 

Master of International Affairs (HKU)
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

University of Warwick, UK
Cheltenham Ladies' College (AL - 4A)

Kristy was an active member of the University of Warwick, where she attained an almost perfect score for mathematical techniques in her first year, and excelled in the esteemed PPE degree, accumulating an all-rounded knowledge of political economy as well as philosophy through studying under the world-renowned scholar Keith Ansell-Pearson. Prior to university, she received straight As in GCE History, Economics, Maths and Further Maths.

Kristy has a unique perspective on teaching as a process of engagement (assisting the students in developing an interest in the subject), consolidation (of knowledge gained in lessons) and application (in students’ free time). Prior to pursuing further education in the UK, Kristy had achieved Class Award, Book Award, Public Speaking Award, and Social Service Award at the top-tier Maryknoll Convent School, demonstrating her excellent academic calibre and inquisitive character in whichever institution she finds herself in.

Ms. Leung - English, Mathematics, Sciences 

MBChB GPS, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences (1stHonours), University College London
King George V School, Hong Kong (IGCSE 10A*, IB Biology and Chemistry (HL): 7)

Laura is currently a fifth year medical student (MBChB GPS) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a biomedical sciences graduate from University College London. She specialises in teaching high school biology and chemistry (IGCSE, IB and A Levels). When teaching, she encourages her students to actively participate by asking and answering questions. She also likes to prepare students for examinations by teaching students test-taking strategies for their respective subjects.

Christopher - Mathematics 

Master of Mathematics  (First Class Honors)
University of Oxford, UK 

Christopher graduated from University of Oxford, UK in Master of Mathematics with first class honors (top 8 in his year). Prior to joining Oxford, Christopher attended Queen’s College and obtained top grades in his GCE A Levels including Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

Christopher is well-versed in tutoring students reading international curricula. Christopher’s expertise in teaching lies with explaining abstract concepts through step-by-step illustration. He also aids students in improving their written presentation skills and they often find his techniques helpful in tackling examinations.

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