GCE A-Level 英國高考課程

What is GCE A Level?

GCE A-Level is a globally recognized certificate of secondary school exam, and also known as A-Level. A-Level is the last two academic years of the British secondary school and mainly to prepare students to enter the British University of Bachelor degree courses. It is offered by various examination boards, including Edexcel, AQA, OCR and Cambridge(Cambridge Pre-U).

Most of the Sixth Form Colleges in UK offer GCE A-Level. The first year called Lower Sixth and the second year called Upper Sixth. In the two-year course, students have to specialize in 3-4 subjects. Most of the British universities require students to complete A-Level courses. For some competitive departments such as medicine, law and engineering, excellent A-Level results is necessary. Hong Kong and other countries also recognized the GCE A-Level results as admission requirements. Therefore, some Hong Kong students will take the GCE A-Level, and then apply for NON-JUPAS to enter Hong Kong's universities.

GCE A-Level Course Information

We provide 1-to 1 private lessons before examination period. Students from international schools, local schools or schools in UK are all welcomed.

Subjects we offer:




Further Mathematics





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The Experts

Dr. Colin - Chemistry 

Phd at London University 

PGCE at Cambridge University 
BSc at Glasgow University

Mr. Henry Choong - Mathematics

He recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with Mathematics as undergrad degree and Systems Biology as a Master's in 2019. He has experience in tutoring any level from very basic to A level and STEP. Over the past year, he has done around 400 hours of tutoring at various levels including common entrance, UK Maths Olympiads, GCSE, A level, STEP, personal statement writing and university interview preparation.

Paul - Physics 

PGCE certificate in secondary education, specialising in Science and Physics at A-level at the University of the West of England.
Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at the University of Southampton.
A member of the Institute of Physics

Qualified Teacher of Physics and science of 10 years experience teaching in schools and private tuition of many students for 7 years. He is a regular physics tutor who has been interviewed and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked. He has a track record of getting students to improve their grades.

Mr Lau - English 
BA English, University College London
Berkhamsted School, UK (AL - 2A* 2A; IELTS - 8.5/9)

Mr Lau read English at the University College London. As the winner of the Elsie Hitchcock Prize for the best performance in the Modern English Language module, he is one of the few English undergraduates who possess a solid foundation in both literature and linguistics (language).

He is currently working as a full-time teacher at a EMI secondary school. Thus, his lessons are effective and highly structured which equip students with the necessary frameworks and skills to succeed in different tests and exams.

With experience of tutoring students in International A-Level and iGCSE, he now offers tuition in the above curricula as well as UKiset, CAT4 and the other entrance exams

Mr. Cheung - Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics

Studying in Master of Medical Science (Specialty in Pathology), HKU
BA in Natural Sciences (First Class Honors)
University of Cambridge, UK
Merchiston Castle School (AL - 5A*)

Lawrence graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with a BA in Natural Sciences with first class honours. He spent his high school education in the UK and achieved 5A* in GCE A level. Lawrence is now pursuing a Master of Medical Science (Specialty in Pathology) at the University of Hong Kong.

Lawrence has a very strong background in sciences and helps students understand by explaining complex ideas in a clear, simple way. He understands the common traps students often fall into and specifically strengthens students' understanding to avoid these mistakes. Lawrence also contextualises scientific concepts with real-life situation to aid students understand the more practical, interesting side of science.

Miss. Yim - English, English Literature, History

Studying Juris Doctor (JD)
University of Hong Kong (HKU)
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Joyce graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK with a BSc Government degree and is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Hong Kong.

Over the past 4 years, Joyce has tutored 30+ IB/GCE/(I)GCSE students from notable schools in Hong Kong and the UK, including CIS, LPCUWC, HKIS, WIS, KGV, Harrow School and Godolphin & Latymer School. Joyce mainly teaches IB, GCE and (I)GCSE English, English Literature, History and Philosophy, and occasionally helps students with IB Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge.

Joyce noticed that students are often relatively familiar with the texts, but fail to express their ideas effectively in the exams or assignments. She helps student understand how to structure their essays effectively that will get them the extra marks, as well as the ways to revise efficiently for the upcoming exams.

Miss. Loke - Economics, English and Mathematics 

Master of International Affairs, HKU
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

University of Warwick, UK
Cheltenham Ladies' College (AL - 4A)

Kristy was an active member of the University of Warwick, where she attained an almost perfect score for mathematical techniques in her first year, and excelled in the esteemed PPE degree, accumulating an all-rounded knowledge of political economy as well as philosophy through studying under the world-renowned scholar Keith Ansell-Pearson. Prior to university, she received straight As in GCE History, Economics, Maths and Further Maths.

Kristy has a unique perspective on teaching as a process of engagement (assisting the students in developing an interest in the subject), consolidation (of knowledge gained in lessons) and application (in students’ free time). Prior to pursuing further education in the UK, Kristy had achieved Class Award, Book Award, Public Speaking Award, and Social Service Award at the top-tier Maryknoll Convent School, demonstrating her excellent academic calibre and inquisitive character in whichever institution she finds herself in.

Mr.Marriott - Physics 

TEFL Certificate
University of London, UK
BEng (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. Marriott graduated from the University of London, UK with a B.Eng (Hons) in Aeronautical engineering. He spent his high school education in the UK and graduated with a teaching certificate from Nottingham Trent University. He is an experience IB and GCE physics and science teacher and has completed Physics CAT 2 IB training.
A positive and motivated teacher, he is committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow and develop. He wants to bring his wealth of experience to inspire and motivate students in pursuing academic careers in science and technology. He has substantial industrial and commercial experience.

Mr.Li - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 

MEng Chemical Engineering
University of Cambridge, UK
Shrewsbury School (AL - 3A*1A)

Mark graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with a BA and MEng in Chemical Engineering. Before studying at Cambridge, Mark completed GCSEs and A-level at Shrewsbury School where he received Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*) and Chemistry (A) in GCE A-level.

Mark’s speciality lies in science tutoring and would like to fuel his pupil’s passion for Maths and Sciences as well as training them to excel in exams. To do this, Mark focuses on two main areas: conceptual understanding and exam technique. He guides his pupils through complex concepts by draw analogies from easily comprehensible everyday situations. He also believes a solid understanding is the most effective way to ensure good results. Once the pupil understands the concepts, Mark will teach the pupils what examiners expect to see on paper for high marks.

Christopher - Mathematics 

Master of Mathematics
(First Class Honors)
University of Oxford, UK 

Christopher graduated from University of Oxford, UK in Master of Mathematics with first class honors (top 8 in his year). Prior to joining Oxford, Christopher attended Queen’s College and obtained top grades in his GCE A Levels including Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

Christopher is well-versed in tutoring students reading international curricula. Christopher’s expertise in teaching lies with explaining abstract concepts through step-by-step illustration. He also aids students in improving their written presentation skills and they often find his techniques helpful in tackling examinations.

John - Mathematics, Physics 

MEng Civil Engineering
(First Class Honors)
Imperial College London, UK 

John graduated with a MEng (1st class honours) in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London, UK.  Before that, he obtained 3As in GCE A Level.  He has five years of industry experience in engineering and public service.  His professional experience has helped him gain insights into real world applications of physics, mathematics and science.  He has more than five years of private tutorial experience, and is very familiar with the IGCSE/GCSE/GCE/IB curriculum.  John is able to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.