University Destination of Hong Kong and Macau Students of 2015 of Bond International College

We are very please to share with you our Hong Kong and Macau students’ university destination of 2015 of Bond International College.


The high acceptance rate to top universities will increase the confidence to parents if they want to send their kids to our school. Bond has achieved this in all past years. Due to the long history of success in educating and supporting our overseas students, Bond students could be taken care of by our dedicated teachers and guidance during their study at Bond. We will let you know our exact overall acceptance rate of university of 2015 soon once all the offer being confirmed.


However, all our Hong Kong and Macau students at Bond have obtained offer from top Canada universities in 2015. The following is the details of their offers.



Hong Kong and Macau Students’University Offer of  2015


University  Faculty
 University of Toronto (3 students) Arts & Sciences

Economics & Finance

Humanities – Philosophy / Psychology

McMaster University Automation Technology
Ryerson University Int’l Economics & Finance


We do hope the above figure will help you to share with parents and students if they want to choose a good private high school with a high acceptance rate of top Canada universities.


Besides good academic performance, our school activities and programs to nurture our students’ character and enhance their various abilities are also highly appreciated by our students.