【尚有少量名額】聖誕節6小時精讀課程 X’mas Refreshing

(Students from international schools, local schools or schools in UK are all welcomed) 

廸昇優越教育將在聖誕節和復活節期間提供IB, GCE-AL, I/GCSE 和IELTS 6小時精讀課程。 精讀班主要集中重溫課程大綱及針對考試技巧。透過操練歷屆試題及導師指導分析,幫助學生在考試時刻大大提升發揮和信心,從而獲取佳續。我們的導師畢業於世界頂尖大學,在香港和海外擁有廣泛的教學經驗。而課程著重小班教學模式,每班最多可容納4人。 

我們另設一對一補習服務,根據學生的要求及進度而制定最合適的課程。課程包括I/GCSE 及 GCE A-Levels, IBDP, SAT, SSAT, UKiset, IELTS 和 TOEFL。

The 6-hours courses provide an intensive overview of the specified core material and an enormous boost at a critical time to students who are seeking to maximise their potential. After each tutorial, students attempt exam questions relating to the topics just covered. This not only serves to uncover any gaps in their knowledge, but it also enables our tutors to assess how the student will perform in real exams, and to identify any deficiencies in their exam technique. The maximum class size is up to 4 persons.

We also offer 1-to-1 private lessons for different subjects that are tailored to meet the individual student’s learning needs throughout the year. Major international curricula include I/GCSE and GCE A-Levels, IBDP, SAT, SSAT, UKiset, IELTS and TOEFL.

X’mas Schedule

Christmas - Week 1 Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
  18-Dec 19-Dec 20-Dec 21-Dec 22-Dec 23-Dec
11am-1pm IB English SL/HL IB Maths SL/HL IB English SL/HL IB Maths SL/HL IB English SL/HL IB Maths SL/HL
2-4pm I/GCSE Maths AL English I/GCSE Maths AL English I/GCSE Maths AL English
4-6pm AL Maths AL Phy AL Maths AL Phy AL Maths AL Phy
6-8pm AL Chem AL Bio AL Chem AL Bio AL Chem AL Bio
Week 2 25-Dec 26-Dec 27-Dec 28-Dec 29-Dec 30-Dec
4-6pm     I/GCSE English I/GCSE English I/GCSE English IELTS MOCK EXAM
6-8pm     I/GCSE Science I/GCSE Science I/GCSE Science

Easter Schedule

Easter -  Week 1 Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
  2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr 6-Apr 7-Apr
2-4pm   TOK TOK   TOK
4-6pm   I/GCSE English I/GCSE English   I/GCSE English  
6-8pm   I/GCSE Science I/GCSE Science   I/GCSE Science  
Week 2 9-Apr 10-Apr 11-Apr 12-Apr 13-Apr 14-Apr
11am-1pm IB English SL/HL IB Maths SL/HL IB English SL/HL IB Maths SL/HL IB English SL/HL IB Maths SL/HL
2-4pm I/GCSE Maths AL English I/GCSE Maths AL English I/GCSE Maths AL English
4-6pm AL Maths AL Phy AL Maths AL Phy AL Maths AL Phy
6-8pm AL Chem AL Bio AL Chem AL Bio AL Chem AL Bio

*The Centre reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any disputes.

Fees & Discount

Fees Per Course (Each Course contains 6 hours)

Subjects Fees in HKD
English - IB / AL or TOK - IB or IELTS 5,000
English - I/GCSE 4,500
Maths/Bio/Chem/Phy - IB / AL 4,500
Maths/Bio/Chem/Phy - I/GCSE 4,000


Bring a Friend Discount Rate
1 Friend 10%
2 Friends 15%
3 Friends 20%
4 Friends or more 25%
Bundle Package Discount Rate
2 Courses 10%
3 Courses 15%
4 Courses or more 20%

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The Experts

Mr. Li

MEng Chemical Engineering
University of Cambridge
Shrewsbury School (AL - 3A*1A)

Mark graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with a BA and MEng in Chemical Engineering. Before studying at Cambridge, Mark completed GCSEs and A-level at Shrewsbury School where he received Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*) and Chemistry (A) in GCE A-level.

Mark’s speciality lies in science tutoring and would like to fuel his pupil’s passion for Maths and Sciences as well as training them to excel in exams. To do this, Mark focuses on two main areas: conceptual understanding and exam technique. He guides his pupils through complex concepts by draw analogies from easily comprehensible everyday situations. He also believes a solid understanding is the most effective way to ensure good results. Once the pupil understands the concepts, Mark will teach the pupils what examiners expect to see on paper for high marks.


Mr. Shen

Studying Medicine
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Diocesan Boys’ School (IB - 42/45)

Oscar is a Medicine student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He graduated from Diocesan Boys’ School, where he studied IB with final score 42. He also studied in Harrow International School Hong Kong during his junior forms and completed IGCSE. Over the past two years, Oscar has tutored students from schools including CIS, Shatin College, DBS, and SPCC. Oscar mainly teaches Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Many students tackle tests or exams by memorizing everything but Oscar helps students understand the logic and thought process behind the content, which is more efficient and leads a better understanding. This could help students answer any type of questions and is invaluable for future learning.

Miss. Yim

Studying Juris Doctor (JD)
University of Hong Kong (HKU)
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Joyce graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK with a BSc Government degree and is currently pursuing a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Hong Kong. 

Over the past 4 years, Joyce has tutored 30+ IB/GCSE students from notable schools in Hong Kong and the UK, including CIS, LPCUWC, HKIS, WIS, KGV, Harrow School and Godolphin & Latymer School. Joyce mainly teaches English, History and Philosophy, and occasionally helps students with IB Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. 

Joyce noticed that students are often relatively familiar with the texts, but fail to express their ideas effectively in the exams or assignments. Joyce helps student understand how to structure their essays effectively that will get them the extra marks, as well as the ways to revise efficiently for the upcoming exams. 

Mr. Hui

Honours B.A in International Studies
University of Toronto, Canada

Justin graduated from University of Toronto with an Honours B.A in International Studies.  After graduation, he taught English at ChungDahm Institute, one of South Korea’s leading test preparation centres, eventually becoming Head Instructor managing over 700 students and 30 teachers per semester.  He then moved to Hong Kong in 2013 to set up his own private practice where he specializes in teaching HKDSE, IELTS and TOEFL as well as providing corporate business English services to both locals and expats.  Justin noticed students in Asia often have the pre-requisite foundation to perform well, but lacked the confidence to perform well in exams.  Hence, he breaks down each test component into manageable chunks and coaches students to approach each question in a systematic and effective way.  This allows the students to fully understand the test content and improve their scores. 


Master of Mathematics  (First Class Honors)
University of Oxford, UK 

Christopher graduated from University of Oxford, UK in Master of Mathematics with first class honors (top 8 in his year). Prior to joining Oxford, Christopher attended Queen’s College and obtained top grades in his GCE A Levels including Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

Christopher is well-versed in tutoring students reading international curricula. Christopher’s expertise in teaching lies with explaining abstract concepts through step-by-step illustration. He also aids students in improving their written presentation skills and they often find his techniques helpful in tackling examinations.

MEng Civil Engineering (First Class Honors)
Imperial College London, UK
John graduated with a MEng (1st class honours) in Civil Engineering from Imperial College London, UK.  Before that, he obtained 3As in GCE A Level.  He has five years of industry experience in engineering and public service.  His professional experience has helped him gain insights into real world applications of physics, mathematics and science.  He has more than five years of private tutorial experience, and is very familiar with the IGCSE/GCSE/GCE/IB curriculum.  John is able to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

Terms & Conditions

1.The promotion period for this bundle-discount is from October 2017 to April 2018. 2.The discount can only be applied either for “Bring a Friend” or “Bundle Package”. 3. For “Bring a Friend” discount, both you and your friends will get discount when joining the same course. 4.When the referred student first contacts Rise Smart to request lessons, he/she should state the name of the existing student who referred him/her to Rise Smart. Referrals cannot be back-traced once the referred student has confirmed his/her first lesson. 5.To enjoy this promotion, all payment is to be made in advance of the class. Payment should be settled within a week when the class is confirmed. 6.Rise Smart Premier Education reserves the right to make final decision and explanation of the details of this promotion.