IELTS 雅思英語考試課程

What is the IELTS?

The International English Language Test System or IELTS is an international standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand and US academic institutions and by various professional organisations across the world.

IELTS is also the only Secure English Language Test approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa customers applying both outside and inside the UK. It is also a requirement for immigration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

IELTS Test Format

Listening: 30 minutes

Reading: 60 minutes

Writing: 60 minutes

Speaking: 11-14 minutes

The IELTS takes around 2 hours an 55 minutes to complete.

IELTS Course Information

We provide 1-to 1 private lessons, regular foundation course and intensive revision course before examination period. Students from international schools, local schools or schools in UK are all welcomed. Our maximum class size is up to 4 students.


Regular Foundation Course Schedule



Course code

Every Tuesday








Course code

Every Saturday




 IELTS 18 hours-course Fee: $14,400 with 2 x Mock IELTS trial


The Experts

Mr. Hui

Honours B.A in International Studies
University of Toronto, Canada

Justin graduated from University of Toronto with an Honours B.A in International Studies.  After graduation, he taught English at ChungDahm Institute, one of South Korea’s leading test preparation centres, eventually becoming Head Instructor managing over 700 students and 30 teachers per semester.  He then moved to Hong Kong in 2013 to set up his own private practice where he specializes in teaching HKDSE, IELTS and TOEFL as well as providing corporate business English services to both locals and expats.  Justin noticed students in Asia often have the pre-requisite foundation to perform well, but lacked the confidence to perform well in exams.  Hence, he breaks down each test component into manageable chunks and coaches students to approach each question in a systematic and effective way.  This allows the students to fully understand the test content and improve their scores. 



Studying Juris Doctor (JD), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
BA degree in Government, Georgetown University, US 

Amanda graduated from Georgetown University, US with a BA degree in Government and is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Amanda is interested in helping students think critically and develop the necessary research and writing skills to express their views clearly and persuasively.  Amanda can also provide guidance support for students who want to apply US Colleges and Universities